We're Privacy Fanatics

18+ LLC is not your normal company. We didn't make 18+ to sell your data or to monitor you. We made 18+ only in response to the UK's age verification law. This is why we charge a nominal fee. £1 per month is a fee everyone can afford, and it allows us to cover our costs.

To ensure 18+ remains true to its values, we have applied to become a B-company. A B-company is one

You can read our membership agreement here.

Simple reason: we're owned by a U.S. person. As such, the US tax laws penalize americans from owning companies

Can't the US track me then?

No. The US cannot access what we don't have. Also, the US company

Where are you based?

WVPNs can be complex. We wanted 18+ to be the simplest way to anyone who is over 18 to be able to exercise their legal right to access whatever material they want, without any interference or monitoring.