Anonymously prove you're 18+ to access adult content on the Internet from the UK.

Verification is fast and free. Chose the verification option that makes you feel most comfortable.

18+ Pass

Visit any adult content website on the internet without ever encountering an age verification request. Verify your age once with 18+ and forever access the world of content annonymously and without having to prove your age again. The 18+ Pass provides you an iPhone and Android app along with extensions for your Chrome and Firefox browsers that let you annonymously browse adult content.

ReallyMe Age Verification

To offer free age verification, we've partnered with ReallyMe, the social network where users control and get paid for their digital identity. ReallyMe provides verified identity, and 18+ serves as the link between adult content providers and ReallyMe. Simply sign-up for a free ReallyMe account and get verified. Whenever you encounter an 18+ age gate, annonymously share your status as 18+ with the adult content provider. The adult content site never learns anything about you, and neither 18+ nor ReallyMe ever learns which adult content sites you visit.
Age Verification with 18+ and ReallyMe provides perfect privacy, whilst meeting the age verification requirements of the law.
Most adult content websites integrate with ReallyMe Verification powered by 18+.